T50 | TM162 | 2006

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{ "Parts List":{"diagram_url":"c2c3c4a5a043e93ed1a4c3192c5c9243/exploded_diagram/d13edd1a22ee2d13c3224f8ca6c04419.pdf", "diagram_map": [{"pdf_id": "AC12", "sku":"014823-A", "notes": "HORIZON CHARCOAL GRAY"} , {"pdf_id": "B08", "sku":"007387-E", "notes": "SPC"} , {"pdf_id": "B29", "sku":"005238-00", "notes": "8.2X16X1.25T"} , {"pdf_id": "B31", "sku":"004294-FA", "notes": "610X1242LX18T"} , {"pdf_id": "B36", "sku":"004568-Z", "notes": "M8X1.25PX45L"} , {"pdf_id": "B37", "sku":"004562-00", "notes": "M8X1.25PX35L"} , {"pdf_id": "B39", "sku":"004620-00", "notes": "4X12L (INCISION)"} , {"pdf_id": "B41", "sku":"008609-00", "notes": "M8X1.25P S45C"} , {"pdf_id": "B52", "sku":"007490-C", "notes": "AL (POSITIVE POLE)"} , {"pdf_id": "B55", "sku":"000825-AA", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "B57", "sku":"005249-A", "notes": "BLUE (80)"} , {"pdf_id": "B58", "sku":"005250-A", "notes": "RED (55)"} , {"pdf_id": "C18", "sku":"005169-00", "notes": "8.4X20X1.5T"} , {"pdf_id": "C22", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "M8X1.25P"} , {"pdf_id": "C23", "sku":"004945-00", "notes": "M12X1.75P (CR. PLATING)"} , {"pdf_id": "C26", "sku":"004741-00", "notes": "M8X1.25PX60L (WHORL:20L)"} , {"pdf_id": "C28", "sku":"001522-B", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "H20", "sku":"005044-00", "notes": "8.3X16X1.3T"} , {"pdf_id": "H21", "sku":"005146-A", "notes": "10.5X20X2.0T (BLACK ZINC PLATING)"} , {"pdf_id": "H23", "sku":"005044-00", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "H24", "sku":"005360-00", "notes": "S-14"} , {"pdf_id": "H26", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "M8X1.25P"} , {"pdf_id": "H27", "sku":"005196-00", "notes": "10.5X20X1.0T"} , {"pdf_id": "H30", "sku":"005475-D", "notes": "Foot lock latch"} , {"pdf_id": "H42", "sku":"004764-00", "notes": "M8X1.25PX25L"} , {"pdf_id": "H47", "sku":"005062-00", "notes": "10.2X19X2.0T"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"1000092805", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"005393-00", "notes": "6mm"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"020210-00", "notes": "3x20L"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"060295-CA", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "L06", "sku":"000021-B", "notes": "NYLON"} , {"pdf_id": "L07", "sku":"005062-00", "notes": "10.2X19X2.0T"} , {"pdf_id": "L08", "sku":"005044-00", "notes": "8.3X16X1.3T"} , {"pdf_id": "L09", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "M8X1.25P (BED)"} , {"pdf_id": "L10", "sku":"001251-F", "notes": "POM"} , {"pdf_id": "L11", "sku":"004870-00", "notes": "5X15L"} , {"pdf_id": "M02", "sku":"023017-00", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "M06", "sku":"004502-00", "notes": "5/16"-18UNCX16L"} , {"pdf_id": "M07", "sku":"056374-AA", "notes": "SHOCKPROOF RUBBER"} , {"pdf_id": "M08", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "M8X1.25P"} , {"pdf_id": "M09", "sku":"005044-00", "notes": "8.3X16X1.3T"} , {"pdf_id": "M13", "sku":"005010-00", "notes": "SW3/8" 10.2X18.4X2.5T"} , {"pdf_id": "M14", "sku":"004590-Z", "notes": "W 3/8``*60L 18L"} , {"pdf_id": "M17", "sku":"003386-A", "notes": "T31X16X19-C (MN & ZINC)"} , {"pdf_id": "M19", "sku":"004620-00", "notes": "4X12L (INCISION)"} , {"pdf_id": "M20", "sku":"005146-A", "notes": "10.5X20X2.0T (BLACK ZINC PLATING)"} , {"pdf_id": "M21", "sku":"000682-A", "notes": "150X30X3T"} , {"pdf_id": "M24", "sku":"004617-00", "notes": "4X15L"} , {"pdf_id": "M25", "sku":"005005-00", "notes": "SW8 8.2X15.4X2T"} , {"pdf_id": "M30", "sku":"005044-00", "notes": "8X16X1.4T"} , {"pdf_id": "M45", "sku":"004488-00", "notes": "M8X1.25PX55L (BED)"} , {"pdf_id": "N02", "sku":"003163-D", "notes": "7 KEY"} , {"pdf_id": "N03", "sku":"003165-B", "notes": "14 KEY"} , {"pdf_id": "N04", "sku":"003164-B", "notes": "14 KEY"} , {"pdf_id": "N10", "sku":"001952-00", "notes": "ZINC PLATE"} , {"pdf_id": "N11", "sku":"001956-C", "notes": "220 (OKI MAGNET REED PIPE 9216+2.5-2P)"} , {"pdf_id": "N12", "sku":"004612-00", "notes": "3X8L (INCISION)"} , {"pdf_id": "N13", "sku":"004620-00", "notes": "4X12L (INCISION)"} , {"pdf_id": "N22", "sku":"004622-00", "notes": "4X8L"} , {"pdf_id": "N40", "sku":"004619-AB", "notes": "4X8L (ZINC PLATING)"} , {"pdf_id": "N43", "sku":"000940-A", "notes": "PVC BLACK"} , {"pdf_id": "N45", "sku":"005330-00", "notes": "WUSN-4039"} , {"pdf_id": "N56", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "N62", "sku":"003590-A", "notes": "104*107"} , {"pdf_id": "P01", "sku":"002073-B", "notes": "500 (2.5-12P+2.5-12P) BLACK"} , {"pdf_id": "P03", "sku":"003326-00", "notes": "RF-1004"} , {"pdf_id": "P04", "sku":"003346-00", "notes": "12A 125V/250V-UL"} , {"pdf_id": "P07", "sku":"002169-A", "notes": "16AWG 2M (U.S.A.-CANADA)"} , {"pdf_id": "P09", "sku":"002508-A", "notes": "550 16AWG BLACK"} , {"pdf_id": "P10", "sku":"002509-A", "notes": "550 16AWG WHITE"} , {"pdf_id": "P11", "sku":"003363-00", "notes": "If replacing a power socket that has a black and red wire, the black wire should connect where the red wire used to and the white should connect where the black used to"} , {"pdf_id": "P14", "sku":"002248-D", "notes": "1000 (OKI MAGNET REED PIPE+2.5-2P)"} , {"pdf_id": "P17", "sku":"004381-00", "notes": "M5X0.8PX25L NICKEL-PLATE"} , {"pdf_id": "P19", "sku":"004889-00", "notes": "M5X0.8P (NICKEL-PLATING)"} , {"pdf_id": "P21", "sku":"015046-AD", "notes": "METAL CARBON-GRAY COLOR"} , {"pdf_id": "P29", "sku":"004364-00", "notes": "M5X0.8PX12L"} , {"pdf_id": "Q06", "sku":"000387-EB", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "Q07", "sku":"000388-DB", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "Q09", "sku":"004864-00", "notes": "4X12L"} , {"pdf_id": "Q12", "sku":"004620-00", "notes": "4X12L (INCISION)"} , {"pdf_id": "R03", "sku":"1000109577", "notes": "170-J8"} , {"pdf_id": "R04", "sku":"004486-00", "notes": "M8X1.25PX85L (CR. MO. ALLOY STEEL)"} , {"pdf_id": "R06", "sku":"005044-00", "notes": "8.3X16X1.3T"} , {"pdf_id": "R09", "sku":"004488-00", "notes": "M8X1.25PX55L (BED)"} , {"pdf_id": "R10", "sku":"003415-00", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "R08", "sku":"004483-00", "notes": "M8X1.25PX25L"} , {"pdf_id": "M10", "sku":"004589-00", "notes": "W3/8"X47L (WHORL:14L)"} , {"pdf_id": "M12", "sku":"004934-00", "notes": "3/8"-16UNC"} , {"pdf_id": "M47", "sku":"004884-00", "notes": "M8X1.25P"} , {"pdf_id": "M01", "sku":"016172-Z", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "M03", "sku":"032671-HF", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "H19", "sku":"008625-C", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "AN3", "sku":"051345-A", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "AR2", "sku":"1000108449", "notes": "-"} , {"pdf_id": "N18", "sku":"020192-A", "notes": "4X10L (INCISION )"} , {"pdf_id": "P13", "sku":"020048-00", "notes": "M3x0.5Px10L"} , {"pdf_id": "C24", "sku":"005056-00", "notes": "13.2X26X2.0T"} , {"pdf_id": "M46", "sku":"ZMS4009038", "notes": "M8X1.25PX45L"} , {"pdf_id": "P08", "sku":"1000205890", "notes": "60 16AWG BLACK"} , {"pdf_id": "R02", "sku":"1000451013", "notes": "495X2785X1.6T BLACK"} ]} }
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