LS760T | TM301 | 2008

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{ "Parts List":{"diagram_url":"7cef111db8f3770d6ef2e84086771307/exploded_diagram/28ee35d51dbc5c47db83dc5637f58f5b.pdf", "diagram_map": [{"pdf_id": "AC3", "sku":"1000091158", "notes": "Crossbar-LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "AG1", "sku":"081955", "notes": "Handlebar Set,Left-LS760T-Includes foam"} , {"pdf_id": "AG2", "sku":"081956", "notes": "Handlebar Set,Right-LS760T-Includes foam"} , {"pdf_id": "AH1", "sku":"1000091162", "notes": "Frame,Incline-GS1035T,LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "AH2", "sku":"079405", "notes": "Frame,Fold-GS1035T,LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "AH3", "sku":"079407", "notes": "Link Arm,Left-GS1035T,LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "AH4", "sku":"079408", "notes": "Link Arm,Right-GS1035T,T82,700"} , {"pdf_id": "AN2", "sku":"081952", "notes": "Console Frame Set"} , {"pdf_id": "AR1", "sku":"014670-E", "notes": "Front Roller Set - T51,61,T605,SC 30410,CST 3.5X"} , {"pdf_id": "AZ1", "sku":"079400", "notes": "Hardware-T81,LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "B14", "sku":"081585", "notes": "Side Rail Accent Piece;TM298"} , {"pdf_id": "B15", "sku":"004619-AB", "notes": "Screw"} , {"pdf_id": "B21", "sku":"020162-A", "notes": "Screw (M10X1.5PX40L)"} , {"pdf_id": "B25", "sku":"007384-E", "notes": "Fix Plate, MCB"} , {"pdf_id": "B27", "sku":"004311-C", "notes": "Running Deck;"} , {"pdf_id": "B30", "sku":"071757", "notes": "Fix Axle;Console"} , {"pdf_id": "B35", "sku":"004614-AB", "notes": "Screw (3x10L)"} , {"pdf_id": "B36", "sku":"004562-00", "notes": "Bolt-Deck-M8x1.25Px35L - '05 treads"} , {"pdf_id": "B39", "sku":"004864-00", "notes": "Screw-4X12 - treads"} , {"pdf_id": "B52", "sku":"007490-C", "notes": "Speed Sensor Bracket All Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "B56", "sku":"009562-AX", "notes": "Air Shock;"} , {"pdf_id": "B57", "sku":"000767-D", "notes": "Elastomer - Orange - CST3,4, T51,T805,6.1P"} , {"pdf_id": "B58", "sku":"000768-D", "notes": "Elastomer - Blue - CST 3,4, T51,T805,6.1P"} , {"pdf_id": "B60", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "Nut;Nylon"} , {"pdf_id": "B61", "sku":"004620-00", "notes": "Screw-(4x12L)"} , {"pdf_id": "H05", "sku":"001299-B", "notes": "Cover - folding frame-CST 3,4,5,6.1P,T61-4,DT680"} , {"pdf_id": "H10", "sku":"020162-A", "notes": "Screw (M10X1.5PX40L)"} , {"pdf_id": "H14", "sku":"008628-B", "notes": "Bolt - Support tube base - '05 Hor,CST Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "H18", "sku":"071830", "notes": "SwivelAxle"} , {"pdf_id": "H19", "sku":"008625-C", "notes": "Bolt - M8x1.25Px32L"} , {"pdf_id": "H20", "sku":"005229-00", "notes": "Wave Washer,Nylon-20.5x29x1.5t"} , {"pdf_id": "H21", "sku":"020487-ZA", "notes": "Washer, Flat (10.5x18x2.5t)"} , {"pdf_id": "H24", "sku":"005047-00", "notes": "Washer, Flat -8.2x20x1.8T"} , {"pdf_id": "H25", "sku":"004724-00", "notes": "Bolt (M8x1.25Px15L)"} , {"pdf_id": "H26", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "Nylon Nut (M8x1.25P) - Treads, ellips"} , {"pdf_id": "H27", "sku":"005196-00", "notes": "Teflon Washer-(10.5x20x1.0T)"} , {"pdf_id": "H28", "sku":"005212-A", "notes": "Teflon Washer (12.2x18x1.0T)"} , {"pdf_id": "H29", "sku":"005198-00", "notes": "Teflon washer-15.9x28.4x1.0t-lower h-bar-ellips"} , {"pdf_id": "H30", "sku":"072019", "notes": "Spring"} , {"pdf_id": "H31", "sku":"079406", "notes": "Latch;Foot-LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "H33", "sku":"005222-00", "notes": "Wavy Washer (16.7x22.5x0.3T)"} , {"pdf_id": "H47", "sku":"005062-00", "notes": "Washer, Flat-10.2x19x2.0t - Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "H50", "sku":"004565-00", "notes": "Screw-M8x1.25Px12L"} , {"pdf_id": "H51", "sku":"004941-00", "notes": "Nylon Nut (M10x1.5P)"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"076913", "notes": "Owner's Manual"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"019316-A", "notes": "Reed Switch"} , {"pdf_id": "L05", "sku":"000037-CC", "notes": "Wheel;;;Nylon"} , {"pdf_id": "L06", "sku":"000037-CC", "notes": "Wheel;;;Nylon"} , {"pdf_id": "L07", "sku":"005062-00", "notes": "Washer, Flat-10.2x19x2.0t - Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "L08", "sku":"004941-00", "notes": "Nylon Nut (M10x1.5P)"} , {"pdf_id": "L10", "sku":"001251-F", "notes": "FixPlate;SideRail;TM08-141F;"} , {"pdf_id": "L11", "sku":"004425-B", "notes": "Screw - 15mm - T51"} , {"pdf_id": "L12", "sku":"005005-00", "notes": "Washer, Spring (8.2x15.4x2t) - Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "M02", "sku":"039043-00", "notes": "Elevation Motor-DT680,CST 3.5X,T71,830T"} , {"pdf_id": "M03", "sku":"032671-HF", "notes": "2nd Generation"} , {"pdf_id": "M01", "sku":"060295-CA", "notes": "Digital sensor,drive motor"} , {"pdf_id": "M06", "sku":"056374-AA", "notes": "Cushion-Drive motor - Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "M07", "sku":"004502-00", "notes": "Bolt - 5/16: -18UNCx16L TL 14L"} , {"pdf_id": "M08", "sku":"005104-00", "notes": "Washer,Flat (8.2x16x0.8t)"} , {"pdf_id": "M09", "sku":"005005-00", "notes": "Washer, Spring (8.2x15.4x2t) - Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "M10", "sku":"005070-00", "notes": "Washer,Flat (6.5x14x1.0t) - ellips,bikes"} , {"pdf_id": "M18", "sku":"005146-A", "notes": "Washer, Flat-10.5x20x2.0t - treads"} , {"pdf_id": "M20", "sku":"004590-Z", "notes": "Bolt-Incline Mtr-bottom-Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "M28", "sku":"003386-A", "notes": "Ferrite Core"} , {"pdf_id": "M38", "sku":"005117-00", "notes": "Washer,Flat (8.2x16.0x2.0t)"} , {"pdf_id": "M40", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "Nylon Nut (M8x1.25P) - Treads, ellips"} , {"pdf_id": "M46", "sku":"004523-00", "notes": "Screw (M8X1.25PX40L)"} , {"pdf_id": "N01", "sku":"076460", "notes": "Cover,Console-LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "N02", "sku":"076154", "notes": "Faceplate-LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "N29", "sku":"001679-00", "notes": "Wire Clip-Treadmill Consoles"} , {"pdf_id": "N32", "sku":"004619-AB", "notes": "Screw (4x8L)"} , {"pdf_id": "N33", "sku":"004612-00", "notes": "Screw;For Speakers"} , {"pdf_id": "N34", "sku":"020210-00", "notes": "Screw (3x20L)"} , {"pdf_id": "N35", "sku":"001952-00", "notes": "Fixing Plate;Reed Switch;TM27"} , {"pdf_id": "N42", "sku":"082397", "notes": "Safety key set-includes N43, N44"} , {"pdf_id": "N68", "sku":"075204", "notes": "Pulse Grip - LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "P02", "sku":"003326-00", "notes": "Power Switch-All treads"} , {"pdf_id": "P04", "sku":"003346-00", "notes": "Breaker (110V)-All treads"} , {"pdf_id": "P06", "sku":"061300-A", "notes": "Console Cable (550mm)-GS1035T,LS760T,T800"} , {"pdf_id": "P07", "sku":"002169-A", "notes": "Power Cord-Socket"} , {"pdf_id": "P11", "sku":"003363-00", "notes": "If replacing a power socket that has a black and red wire, the black wire should connect where the red wire used to and the white should connect where the black used to"} , {"pdf_id": "P13", "sku":"004415-Z", "notes": "Screw-Power Socket-10mm -Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "P14", "sku":"002248-D", "notes": "Speed Sensor,Front Roller-All Treads with 2 prong"} , {"pdf_id": "P16", "sku":"004880-00", "notes": "Nut for Zero Switch Cable"} , {"pdf_id": "P17", "sku":"004378-00", "notes": "Screw; Oval"} , {"pdf_id": "P19", "sku":"004889-00", "notes": "Nylon Nut-Rear Linkage Tube-4.1E"} , {"pdf_id": "P20", "sku":"002508-A", "notes": "Power cable-control board - All Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "P21", "sku":"002509-A", "notes": "Cable for Control Board - White -'05 SC Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "Q01", "sku":"076297", "notes": "Motor Cover-Order decals separately"} , {"pdf_id": "Q02", "sku":"000357-CD", "notes": "Bottom Motor Cover-T81,LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "Q05", "sku":"081958", "notes": "Side Rail Set-LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "Q09", "sku":"000955-BC", "notes": "End Cap,Front,L/R-T700.800"} , {"pdf_id": "Q17", "sku":"005330-00", "notes": "Tinnamen Nut"} , {"pdf_id": "Q30", "sku":"004864-00", "notes": "Screw-4X12 - treads"} , {"pdf_id": "Q31", "sku":"004867-A", "notes": "Screw-4x15"} , {"pdf_id": "Q32", "sku":"004631-00", "notes": "Screw - (25mm) - CST 3,4,T51,6.1P"} , {"pdf_id": "R02", "sku":"075197", "notes": "Running Belt (495x2590x1.6T)-T500"} , {"pdf_id": "R03", "sku":"1000109577", "notes": "Drive Belt(170-J8)-Tsc2,3,QII,OII,T20,T51,T95"} , {"pdf_id": "R04", "sku":"020121-A", "notes": "Bolt (M8x1.25Px70L)"} , {"pdf_id": "R06", "sku":"005044-00", "notes": "Washer,Flat-8.3x16x1.3t - Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "R08", "sku":"004454-00", "notes": "Screw-Round Hex Socket - CST 3,4,T51,805"} , {"pdf_id": "R09", "sku":"004525-00", "notes": "Screw;Round Hex"} , {"pdf_id": "R10", "sku":"004903-Z", "notes": "Nut - CST 3,4,T51,805"} , {"pdf_id": "V02", "sku":"079629", "notes": "Decal,Motor Cover"} , {"pdf_id": "V06", "sku":"079908", "notes": "Sticker;Console;L;TM301"} , {"pdf_id": "V07", "sku":"079909", "notes": "Sticker;Console;R;TM301"} , {"pdf_id": "V09", "sku":"079911", "notes": "Sticker;MotorCover;;TM301"} , {"pdf_id": "V10", "sku":"055269-AX", "notes": "Decal, Faceplate-'07 consoles"} , {"pdf_id": "V11", "sku":"077114", "notes": "Sticker;Audio in;TM318-1US"} , {"pdf_id": "V12", "sku":"077115", "notes": "Sticker;Audio out;TM318-1US"} , {"pdf_id": "V50", "sku":"081676", "notes": "Plate,Motor Cover"} , {"pdf_id": "Z01", "sku":"005393-00", "notes": "T-wrench-6mm"} , {"pdf_id": "Z02", "sku":"005411-Z", "notes": "L-Shaped Wrench"} , {"pdf_id": "Z04", "sku":"020668-00", "notes": "Hex Wrench"} , {"pdf_id": "Z05", "sku":"004847-AB", "notes": "Set Screw (M10x1.5Px12L)"} , {"pdf_id": "Z06", "sku":"005386-00", "notes": "Wrench (17mm)-One ended"} , {"pdf_id": "Z07", "sku":"005047-00", "notes": "Washer, Flat -8.2x20x1.8T"} , {"pdf_id": "Z08", "sku":"010680-00", "notes": "Spring Washer-Support Tube - CST 3,4,5,T52,53,54"} , {"pdf_id": "Z09", "sku":"004859-00", "notes": "Screw;M8x1.25Px20L"} , {"pdf_id": "Z14", "sku":"004714-AD", "notes": "Bolt (M6x1.0Px15L)"} , {"pdf_id": "Z21", "sku":"066044-A", "notes": "Washer;Flat"} , {"pdf_id": "V17", "sku":"006069-AX", "notes": "Discontinued"} , {"pdf_id": "R11", "sku":"003415-00", "notes": "Magnet for front roller-Adv200,300,Tsc2,PII & OII)"} , {"pdf_id": "M16", "sku":"004595-00", "notes": "Bolt Hex Head 3/8'-16UNC-42L TL14"} , {"pdf_id": "M60", "sku":"020179-00", "notes": "Screw (4x12L)"} , {"pdf_id": "M22", "sku":"004934-00", "notes": "Nut- 17mm"} , {"pdf_id": "AC1", "sku":"076141", "notes": "Support Tube,Left-LS760T"} , {"pdf_id": "AR2", "sku":"1000108437", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "B40", "sku":"005091-00", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "M01", "sku":"1000111822", "notes": "Motor Set-Includes sensor, disc"} , {"pdf_id": "P08", "sku":"1000205890", "notes": "Connecting Cable-socket/breaker - Treads"} , {"pdf_id": "B59", "sku":"1000444959", "notes": "Brass Insert"} ]} }