4.0AR | RB120 | 2008-2009

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{ "Parts List":{"diagram_url":"695a7a0e8ea8979cad7cc76c7b707272/exploded_diagram/17632408a23928b957c1deafee415f85.pdf", "diagram_map": [{"pdf_id": "AD2", "sku":"078949", "notes": "Painting;Armiest;;6027-45-2C"} , {"pdf_id": "AD3", "sku":"086380", "notes": "Console cable is included with this set."} , {"pdf_id": "AD6", "sku":"078966", "notes": "Armiest;Guide base SET"} , {"pdf_id": "AN1", "sku":"078971", "notes": "Console Set;NO-ROHS;RB120(NO-ROHS)"} , {"pdf_id": "AU1", "sku":"084329", "notes": "Tension Wheel Set"} , {"pdf_id": "AZ", "sku":"084546", "notes": "Hardware Set;;RB120"} , {"pdf_id": "B23", "sku":"000491-B", "notes": "ADJ plate;Foot Pad;;SPC;W3/8-16UNC;BED;"} , {"pdf_id": "B24", "sku":"000485-00", "notes": "Foot pad;Adjust;Rubber;W3/8-16UNC;FMW38A"} , {"pdf_id": "B25", "sku":"004972-00", "notes": "Insert nut"} , {"pdf_id": "B26", "sku":"005330-00", "notes": "Clip;C Type;CF40390;WUSN-4039"} , {"pdf_id": "D14", "sku":"084381", "notes": "Kettle Rack;Guide base Set ;Painting"} , {"pdf_id": "D16", "sku":"078961", "notes": "BACK PAD;RB120"} , {"pdf_id": "D18", "sku":"074960", "notes": "seat pad;RB120"} , {"pdf_id": "D30", "sku":"020695-A", "notes": "ADJUSTABLE SPRING"} , {"pdf_id": "D31", "sku":"008829-C", "notes": "Knob"} , {"pdf_id": "D32", "sku":"004526-00", "notes": "ROUND HEX SOCKET SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "D33", "sku":"004925-00", "notes": "NYLON NUT"} , {"pdf_id": "D34", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "NYLON NUT"} , {"pdf_id": "D36", "sku":"020339-A", "notes": "Screw;Adjustic;Spring;"} , {"pdf_id": "D37", "sku":"004520-00", "notes": "ROUND HEX SOCKET SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "D39", "sku":"004848-AD", "notes": "SETTLE SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "D42", "sku":"084833", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "D44", "sku":"004859-00", "notes": "OVAL HEX SOCKET SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "D44", "sku":"004859-00", "notes": "ScrewM8x1.25Px20L**DISC USE 004859-00"} , {"pdf_id": "D45", "sku":"079425", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;BH;M8x1.5Px45L(Tooth15L"} , {"pdf_id": "D47", "sku":"079098", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;BH;M5x0.8Px30L;Zinc;"} , {"pdf_id": "D48", "sku":"085773", "notes": "Screw;Phillip;Pan;;?5x20,Dk=7.5;"} , {"pdf_id": "D49", "sku":"004617-00", "notes": "OVAL-TAPPING CRISSCROSS SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "D51", "sku":"084531", "notes": "Screw;Phillip;Umbrella;M5x0.8Px7L;Gap"} , {"pdf_id": "D52", "sku":"083526", "notes": "Kettle;PearlWhite;AFG LOGO;CB133;US"} , {"pdf_id": "D53", "sku":"004724-00", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;BH;M8x1.25Px15L;Zinc;"} , {"pdf_id": "D57", "sku":"075950", "notes": "End-Cap;Stabilizer"} , {"pdf_id": "F01", "sku":"086020", "notes": "Front Stabilizer"} , {"pdf_id": "F02", "sku":"074359", "notes": "End-Cap;Stabilizer;ABS;RB123"} , {"pdf_id": "F05", "sku":"004972-00", "notes": "INSERT NUT 3/8X16 616-150"} , {"pdf_id": "F06", "sku":"000491-B", "notes": "ADJ plate;Foot Pad;;SPC;W3/8-16UNC;;CS06"} , {"pdf_id": "F07", "sku":"000485-00", "notes": "Foot pad;Adjust;Rubber;W3/8-16UNC;FMW38A"} , {"pdf_id": "F08", "sku":"074637", "notes": "ARC WASHER;?8;TM319"} , {"pdf_id": "H01", "sku":"086381", "notes": "GUIDE RAIL SET"} , {"pdf_id": "H02", "sku":"030974-B", "notes": "Fix Plate;AL Rail;;SPC;; Zn;;RB102;RB102"} , {"pdf_id": "H03", "sku":"004811-A", "notes": "Screw;Umbrella Hex Socket;M8x1.25Px15L;A"} , {"pdf_id": "H04", "sku":"007904-D", "notes": "PLATE POSITION"} , {"pdf_id": "H05", "sku":"004421-AB", "notes": "Screw;Sink Cross;M5x0.8Px12L;Adhere;"} , {"pdf_id": "H10", "sku":"001263-A", "notes": "Grommet sleeve"} , {"pdf_id": "H12", "sku":"085592", "notes": "Seat Stop Assembly;RB120"} , {"pdf_id": "L02", "sku":"008685-B", "notes": "TRANSPORT WHEEL AXLE"} , {"pdf_id": "L03", "sku":"001114-00", "notes": "Wheel;;;Nylon;?95;;;RB07"} , {"pdf_id": "L05", "sku":"004859-00", "notes": "ScrewM8x1.25Px20L**DISC USE 004859-00"} , {"pdf_id": "L07", "sku":"005055-00", "notes": "Washer;Flat;;;;16.2x28.7x1.5t;;;;"} , {"pdf_id": "P01", "sku":"002229-00", "notes": "Sensor Wire;480(OKI Magnet Reed Tube+JST"} , {"pdf_id": "P03", "sku":"008021-C", "notes": "BRACKET SENSOR RPM"} , {"pdf_id": "P04", "sku":"055204-A", "notes": "Screw;Umbrella Cross Tapped;4x10L;"} , {"pdf_id": "P10", "sku":"079418", "notes": "Grip Pulse Set (ordering 1 set will include both left and right grip pulse sets as well as connecting wires and buttons)"} , {"pdf_id": "P11", "sku":"074684", "notes": "Cable (Seat cable to console cable) 520MM;"} , {"pdf_id": "P12", "sku":"074685", "notes": "Cable (AC adapter to seat cable) ;2100(150,480,400)(Double 10"} , {"pdf_id": "P13", "sku":"074686", "notes": "Console Cable (Console to seat cable)850MM;14PIN (Double 10P)"} , {"pdf_id": "P28", "sku":"001126-C", "notes": "GRIP PLUG INNER"} , {"pdf_id": "Q01", "sku":"084375", "notes": "Cover;Frame;L;Painting;RB120"} , {"pdf_id": "Q02", "sku":"084376", "notes": "Cover;Frame;L;Painting;RB120"} , {"pdf_id": "Q03", "sku":"084390", "notes": "Cover;Frame;Up;Painting;RB120"} , {"pdf_id": "Q05", "sku":"084377", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "Q06", "sku":"084378", "notes": "Rear Side Cover,Right"} , {"pdf_id": "Q07", "sku":"084832", "notes": "Cover;Frame;Guide Rail;Painting;BDM328;R"} , {"pdf_id": "Q08", "sku":"084831", "notes": "Cover;Frame;Guide Rail;Painting;BDM328;R"} , {"pdf_id": "Q09", "sku":"007964-00", "notes": "CONNECTOR JOINT FRONT"} , {"pdf_id": "Q10", "sku":"005330-00", "notes": "Clip;C Type;CF40390;WUSN-4039"} , {"pdf_id": "Q11", "sku":"004617-00", "notes": "OVAL-TAPPING CRISSCROSS SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "Q12", "sku":"004624-00", "notes": "Screw;Umbrella Cross Tapped;4x20L;Gap;"} , {"pdf_id": "R01", "sku":"051492-B", "notes": "FLYWHEEL ASSEMBLY"} , {"pdf_id": "R05", "sku":"004162-00", "notes": "Belt;POLY-V;;;;400-J8;;;"} , {"pdf_id": "R09", "sku":"004891-00", "notes": "HEX NUT"} , {"pdf_id": "S01", "sku":"012847-00", "notes": ""MOTOR,DRIVE,8KG BL""} , {"pdf_id": "S02", "sku":"064639-A", "notes": "CABLE BRAKE"} , {"pdf_id": "S03", "sku":"004357-00", "notes": "Screw;Phillip;BH;M4x0.7Px15L;Zinc;"} , {"pdf_id": "T01", "sku":"085219", "notes": "Pedal Axle Set-Includes T08, T11, T12 and T09"} , {"pdf_id": "T02", "sku":"004061-A", "notes": "Crank;L;Cr Plate(Purchase Outside);CB104"} , {"pdf_id": "T03", "sku":"004069-A", "notes": "Crank;R;Cr Plate(Purchase Outside);CB104"} , {"pdf_id": "T06", "sku":"074520", "notes": "Includes Left and Right as a pair"} , {"pdf_id": "T11", "sku":"005366-00", "notes": "C ring"} , {"pdf_id": "T16", "sku":"003413-00", "notes": "Magnet"} , {"pdf_id": "T25", "sku":"005241-A", "notes": "Washer;Disk;8x18x0.9t;"} , {"pdf_id": "U03", "sku":"004081-A2", "notes": "Bearing;Ball;6204ZZ(20x47x14t);TPI"} , {"pdf_id": "U04", "sku":"005365-00", "notes": "CLIP CC EXTERNAL S-20"} , {"pdf_id": "U05", "sku":"017657-00", "notes": "ECB RIGHT SHOULDER SPACER"} , {"pdf_id": "U07", "sku":"008418-00", "notes": "BRACKET SPRING ADJUSTMENT"} , {"pdf_id": "U08", "sku":"020256-00", "notes": "OVAL HEX SOCKET SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "U09", "sku":"020061-00", "notes": "ROUND HEX SOCKET SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "U10", "sku":"005079-00", "notes": "FLAT WASHER"} , {"pdf_id": "V03", "sku":"076868", "notes": "Decal,Side Cover"} , {"pdf_id": "V08", "sku":"078261", "notes": "Decal,Side Cover"} , {"pdf_id": "V10", "sku":"074532", "notes": "Label;Cover;RB123"} , {"pdf_id": "V11", "sku":"079977", "notes": "Manual;Assembly;English;RB120"} , {"pdf_id": "Z01", "sku":"005395-00", "notes": "T-SHAPED WRENCH"} , {"pdf_id": "Z02", "sku":"005423-00", "notes": "L-KEY HEX WRENCH"} , {"pdf_id": "Z03", "sku":"005408-A", "notes": "SCREWDRIVER, CROSS TYPE"} , {"pdf_id": "Z08", "sku":"005382-00", "notes": "OPEN END WRENCH"} , {"pdf_id": "AD1", "sku":"086384", "notes": "Slide Frame for Seat(Includes AD5, D32, D36, D30, D39, D33, D27, D28, D37, D26, D31 & D38)"} , {"pdf_id": "T04", "sku":"1000109595", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "T07", "sku":"103326", "notes": "FLANGE SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "D41", "sku":"005844-B", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "H09", "sku":"004355-00", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "U06", "sku":"003979-B", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "D40", "sku":"005845-B", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "D50", "sku":"004718-AC", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "H08", "sku":"005082-00", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "H07", "sku":"022293-B", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "H06", "sku":"001172-AA", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "AD5", "sku":"1000213103", "notes": "Includes all four roller sets"} , {"pdf_id": "P09", "sku":"1000094715", "notes": "PWR Adapter;100-240V/50HZ 12V/2A HZ noRO"} , {"pdf_id": "F03", "sku":"1000444959", "notes": "Insert Nut; M8X1.25"} ]} }
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