2.0AS | GM206 | 2008

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{ "Parts List":{"diagram_url":"c0e80d0e31a089f718f30f0e763bdcf4/exploded_diagram/b79a2b02893e48d4cb1397b95a281c81.pdf", "diagram_map": [{"pdf_id": "AD2", "sku":"089286", "notes": "SWIVEL ARM SET"} , {"pdf_id": "AD3", "sku":"089285", "notes": "SWIVEL ARM SET"} , {"pdf_id": "AD4", "sku":"083225", "notes": "Pedal Welding Set;Painting;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AE1", "sku":"089280", "notes": "PULLDOWN GRIP SET"} , {"pdf_id": "AE2", "sku":"089281", "notes": "PULLDOWN GRIP"} , {"pdf_id": "AG1", "sku":"1000091235", "notes": "Connect Set Disassembly;U;Painting;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AG2", "sku":"1000093469", "notes": "Connect Set Disassembly;D;Painting;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AG4", "sku":"077791", "notes": "ADJ Set;Swivel Arm;Painting;GM204-SXS5.7"} , {"pdf_id": "AK4", "sku":"083313", "notes": "Weight Plate;Supt Set;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AK5", "sku":"083308", "notes": "Guide Rai;Fix Set;Painting;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AK6", "sku":"1000225103", "notes": "Support Set;Painting;Weight Plate;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AT2", "sku":"083289", "notes": "Welding Seat Set;Painting;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AT3", "sku":"083287", "notes": "Seat ADJ Set;Cr Plate;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AT4", "sku":"087023", "notes": "Fixing Set;Back Pad;Semi-Ass;GM206;Cr"} , {"pdf_id": "B06", "sku":"000515-A", "notes": "Foot pad;;;Rubber;100;;;FW10"} , {"pdf_id": "B07", "sku":"004696-AB", "notes": "SCREW HEX SOCKET 8X1.25X20 CHM"} , {"pdf_id": "B09", "sku":"001401-A", "notes": "End-Cap;?76.2;ABS;GM03"} , {"pdf_id": "C10", "sku":"1000093429", "notes": "Fixing Tube;Left;Painting;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "C11", "sku":"086238", "notes": "T chape Tube;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "C12", "sku":"086591", "notes": "Fixing Tube;Right;Painting;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "C13", "sku":"000515-A", "notes": "Foot pad;;;Rubber;100;;;FW10"} , {"pdf_id": "C14", "sku":"004696-00", "notes": "OBLIQUE INSIDE HEX SOCKET SCREW SALE SER"} , {"pdf_id": "C16", "sku":"086854", "notes": "Sleeve;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "C17", "sku":"086804", "notes": "Screw;Phillip;Pan;ST2.9X9.5"} , {"pdf_id": "D12", "sku":"086236", "notes": "Axle;Swivel Arm;F;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "D15", "sku":"001522-B", "notes": "Stopper Block;Rubber;GM02"} , {"pdf_id": "D23", "sku":"004454-00", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;Round;M5x0.8Px15L;Plati"} , {"pdf_id": "D30", "sku":"088158", "notes": "Pedal Axle;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "E05", "sku":"086599", "notes": "Foam"} , {"pdf_id": "E15", "sku":"004855-A", "notes": "SETTLE BOLT"} , {"pdf_id": "F01", "sku":"1000097249", "notes": "Steel Rope;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "F02", "sku":"1000097250", "notes": "Steel Rope;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "F03", "sku":"1000097251", "notes": "Steel Rope;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "F04", "sku":"1000097252", "notes": "Steel Rope;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "F05", "sku":"1000097253", "notes": "Steel Rope;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "F06", "sku":"075047", "notes": "Fix Base;U Type;CSG3;GM200"} , {"pdf_id": "F14", "sku":"085920", "notes": "Pulley;90.2;Market;GM204-SXS5.7"} , {"pdf_id": "F15", "sku":"086402", "notes": "Pulley;Nylon+15%Fiber;black;90;GM200"} , {"pdf_id": "F16", "sku":"020304-AC", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;M10X1.5PX35L;Cr Plate"} , {"pdf_id": "F17", "sku":"084905", "notes": "WASHER"} , {"pdf_id": "F18", "sku":"004943-00", "notes": "NYLON NUT"} , {"pdf_id": "F22", "sku":"063237-AA", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;BH;M10x1.5Px48L(Tooth15"} , {"pdf_id": "F23", "sku":"049272-AB", "notes": "SCREW HEX M10X45"} , {"pdf_id": "F24", "sku":"082638", "notes": "Fix Plate;Pully;Painting;GM204-SXS5.7"} , {"pdf_id": "F25", "sku":"004814-AD", "notes": "Screw;Umbrella Hex Scoket;;M10x1.5Px100L"} , {"pdf_id": "G22", "sku":"049128-AA", "notes": "END CAP BACK"} , {"pdf_id": "G23", "sku":"019108-BA", "notes": "RUBBER DOUNT"} , {"pdf_id": "G24", "sku":"013422-ZG2", "notes": "Pull Pin Set;;;;;;;;;;"} , {"pdf_id": "G27", "sku":"087007", "notes": "Washer;Flat;13x37X3.0t;Cr;"} , {"pdf_id": "G28", "sku":"005007-00", "notes": "SPRING WASHER"} , {"pdf_id": "G29", "sku":"004794-ZAB", "notes": "SCREW HEX M12X25 CHM"} , {"pdf_id": "G30", "sku":"005375-AB", "notes": "E-SHAPED RING"} , {"pdf_id": "G31", "sku":"088030", "notes": "Exrta-Work;handle;GM204-SXS5.7"} , {"pdf_id": "G32", "sku":"087008", "notes": "Pin;10x95;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "G34", "sku":"004859-00", "notes": "ScrewM8x1.25Px20L"} , {"pdf_id": "G36", "sku":"000791-B", "notes": "bottle holder"} , {"pdf_id": "G37", "sku":"019108-BA", "notes": "RUBBER DOUNT"} , {"pdf_id": "G38", "sku":"020090-00", "notes": "ROUND HEX SOCKET SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "G39", "sku":"001523-E", "notes": "ROLLER STOP RUBBER"} , {"pdf_id": "H26", "sku":"085722", "notes": "Cap;;60.0x3.0t"} , {"pdf_id": "J02", "sku":"086985", "notes": "Back Pad;Vesicant;Black;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "J04", "sku":"086986", "notes": "Seat Pad;Vesicant;Black;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "J07", "sku":"090705", "notes": "Sleeve;Head Pad;Black;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"005418-00", "notes": "L-wrench,6mm"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"040842-A", "notes": "L-wrench,M8x120L"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"005411-Z", "notes": "L-wrench,M4"} , {"pdf_id": "K08", "sku":"005847-A", "notes": "LANYARD PIN WEIGHT-SXS5.7"} , {"pdf_id": "K16", "sku":"086853", "notes": "Sleeve;Guide Rail;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "K17", "sku":"019151-AA", "notes": "RUBBER BUMPER"} , {"pdf_id": "K19", "sku":"075104", "notes": "Cap;ADJ Tube;;CSG3;GM200-S400"} , {"pdf_id": "KIT", "sku":"087005", "notes": "Manual;Assembly Guide;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "Q05", "sku":"086855", "notes": "Decorte CoverGM206"} , {"pdf_id": "Q07", "sku":"005330-00", "notes": "C-Clip"} , {"pdf_id": "T15", "sku":"029160-AA", "notes": "END CAP HANDLEBAR-S400"} , {"pdf_id": "T16", "sku":"065793-BA", "notes": "PinSET;PadWelding ;FW165"} , {"pdf_id": "T17", "sku":"087011", "notes": "Cap;38x38X2.0;Market;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "T18", "sku":"087012", "notes": "Cap;20x40X2.0;Market;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "T25", "sku":"086856", "notes": "Sleeve;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "V04", "sku":"088577", "notes": "Flip book"} , {"pdf_id": "V13", "sku":"087183", "notes": "Swivel Arm Decal 1;GM204"} , {"pdf_id": "V14", "sku":"087184", "notes": "Swivel Arm Decal 2;GM204"} , {"pdf_id": "Z01", "sku":"004789-Z", "notes": "SCREW HEX BH M10X1.5X75 CHM"} , {"pdf_id": "Z04", "sku":"004811-A", "notes": "Screw;"} , {"pdf_id": "Z05", "sku":"004741-00", "notes": "Screw;"} , {"pdf_id": "Z06", "sku":"090708", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;M10X1.5PX30L;Cr Plate"} , {"pdf_id": "Z08", "sku":"040826-AD", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;BH;M10x1.5Px40L;Cr;"} , {"pdf_id": "Z09", "sku":"066554-A", "notes": "BOLT M10X67 CHM"} , {"pdf_id": "Z11", "sku":"004539-AD", "notes": "Screw;"} , {"pdf_id": "Z12", "sku":"005228-00", "notes": "Washer:"} , {"pdf_id": "Z13", "sku":"087098", "notes": "Screw;Hex Socket;Umbrella;M8X1.25PX92L;T"} , {"pdf_id": "Z14", "sku":"020256-AD", "notes": "SCREW;BH;M5X0.8PX10L;;HS;;CHM;;"} , {"pdf_id": "Z16", "sku":"004943-00", "notes": "NYLON NUT"} , {"pdf_id": "Z17", "sku":"084905", "notes": "WASHER"} , {"pdf_id": "Z19", "sku":"005035-00", "notes": "Washer"} , {"pdf_id": "Z20", "sku":"086984", "notes": "Hardware;Semi-Assy;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "Z33", "sku":"005130-00", "notes": "FLAT WASHER"} , {"pdf_id": "Z34", "sku":"004926-00", "notes": "Nut;Nylon;M8x1.25P(M{)"} , {"pdf_id": "Z35", "sku":"005084-00", "notes": "WASHER;FLT;5.3X10.0X1.0T;;CHM;"} , {"pdf_id": "Z36", "sku":"004748-00", "notes": "OVAL HEX SOCKET SCREW"} , {"pdf_id": "Z37", "sku":"087885", "notes": "Ankle Strap"} , {"pdf_id": "Z50", "sku":"059003-A", "notes": "WASHER FT 12.5X50X2 CHM"} , {"pdf_id": "X01", "sku":"091483", "notes": "Carton ;W/Print;GM206-US"} , {"pdf_id": "AB1", "sku":"093219", "notes": "RIGHT MAIN FRAME SET"} , {"pdf_id": "AB2", "sku":"093220", "notes": "LEFT MAIN FRAME SET"} , {"pdf_id": "E14", "sku":"009372-E", "notes": "Order handlebar, AE1"} , {"pdf_id": "AF2", "sku":"1000093551", "notes": "Pulley;Swivel Arm Set;Painting ;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "AD1", "sku":"086594", "notes": "Swivel Arm Set;Leg-Press;Painting;GM206"} , {"pdf_id": "Z02", "sku":"004797-AC", "notes": ""} , {"pdf_id": "K15", "sku":"1000372591", "notes": "Selector Pin for weights"} , {"pdf_id": "G35", "sku":"005040-00", "notes": "FLAT WASHER"} , {"pdf_id": "F10", "sku":"1000380094", "notes": "Spring Snap;Karabiner;7.5 ;Cr;-SXS5.7"} , {"pdf_id": "Not Shown", "sku":"1000474517", "notes": "New, optional snap lock kit to add to F10 (1000380094)."} , {"pdf_id": "Not Shown", "sku":"1000474518", "notes": "Carabiner with snap lock kit (can be purchased to replace F10)."} ]} }
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